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Wooden Balcony Door THERMO HS

okna drewniane balkonowe Thermo HS

Basic information and equipment

Energy-saving, hoisted-sliding balcony door THERMO HS are the best way to get close to nature while staying at home. Possibility of using much larger dimensions than in the case of traditional windows enhances the impression of “open space”, and interiors, filled with natural light, become bright, increasing the dwelling comfort. It is a modern, practical, simply ideal  solution, usually used as a terrace entrance.


In our climate, the most important factor which determines selection is energy efficiency. Large glazing, for which the balcony door THERMO HS are made for, are no limitation in that case. Properly selected frame thickness and energy-saving, insulated triple glazing package allow to obtain outstanding heat transfer coefficient for pine door, coming to Uw=1,00 W/m2K.



The best material and modern structure

The wood the door are made of is subject to very thorough selection. Timber used to make the windows and door is carefully dried. All anatomical flaws of the wood - such as knots, burls or twisted fibres - are removed.


In the hoisted-sliding balcony door THERMO HS, the frame is 188mm thick, and the leaf is 80mm thick. We make windows and door using mainly pine, meranti or oak wood.




The key advantage of the hoisted-sliding balcony door is their functionality. The applied structural solutions allow to obtain very large glazing, which exceptionally emphasizes architectural features. When closed, the door look aesthetically and let in a lot of light, open door take little inside space, as the leaf slides in parallel to the other one. This system guarantees comfortable and quiet use while using minimum force, and low threshold is an almost flat passageway inside and outside, and it creates space devoid of architectural barriers - a very simple solution intended to provide more comfort, or used to adapt the apartment to the needs of the disabled.



- 5 years - installation by authorized fitting crews
- 3 years - installation by non-authorized fitting crews





In order to increase comfort and enjoyment from open space and natural light, the hoisted-sliding balcony door THERMO HS can be fully automatic. In the case of using propelled hoisting-sliding system, location of a leaf can be controlled automatically and reliably. The drive is controlled via a button fitted in the handle, or using remote control. For the purposes of safety and comfort of use, the system is equipped with jamming protection and possibility of manual operation in the case of power shortage. An additional advantage of the system is a possibility of programming ten minutes’ long, automatic ventilation of the room, thus providing constant and systematic supply of fresh air into the room.


Automatic hoisted-sliding balcony door THERMO HS are a perfect solution for those who want be surrounded by natural light, open space and fresh air.




Windows THERMO HS are in standard version equipped with triple glazing units, with low emission glass and argon-filled space between the panes.


Low-emission panes
The low emission glass decreases the temperature of the inside pane, which makes the room warm even at low outdoor temperatures. In the Sokółka Okna i Drzwi S.A. windows, this solution is used by default.

The heat transfer coefficient for such glazing unit is Us=0,7 W/m2K


Available types of panes

szyby absorpcyjne


Absorptive panes
Absorptive panes - Antisol - decrease effects of sunrays, while providing splendid thermal insulation. They are recommended to be installed on southern and south-western facades of buildings.



Antiburglar panes
The anti-burglar panes are used when special protection of life, health or property is required. The external pane consists of two glued panels, between which several layers of antiburglar foil are placed.



Safety panes
They prevent injuries in the case of breaking the pane. They are characterized by increased impact strength. They are recommended to be used in sports halls, offices, commercial facilities, public buildings.



Sound absorbing panes
Sound insulation is ability to muffle noise. Increased sound absorbing power means muffling of noise by at least 38 dB. Windows equipped with glazing units with increased sound insulation are recommended for buildings situated near roads, airports, railway tracks, etc.



Reflexive panes
Reflexive (mirror) panes decrease effects of sunrays, and the mirroring effect protects privacy of the inhabitants.




Below is a colour palette offered by Sokółka Okna i Drzwi. Except the presented colours, it is also possible to colour the windows with any colour from the RAL palette.

Due to natural characteristics of timber, some colouristic differences in the wood appearance are acceptable. Moreover, due to various monitor display parameters, the presented sample can differ from actual colours.



Optionally, the windows can be equipped with one of three types of mullions:





Vienna, glued-on





Gallery with visualizations of windows, sections and rooms




    Wooden Balcony Door THERMO HS - basic features, frame appearance and profile section.

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