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Why to choose wood?


Sokółka Okna i Drzwi S.A. has been manufacturing wooden joinery for almost 40 years. We did not change that despite momentary fashions which swept through our society during that time. Today we can see that this was a good decision, as wooden windows, just like wooden construction industry, become more and more frequently chosen alternative. Their sales increase every year.


Since you browse this offer, you are probably, just like us,  enthusiasts of natural  materials, eco-friendly solution and undeniable charm of wood. Yet, we will try to answer a frequently asked question:


Why is it worth to choose wooden windows?


Wood is beautiful.

Its beauty consists of numerous factors - warm tint, structure, unique ring pattern. Wood is pleasant to the touch, and its application increases aesthetic quality of the entire building. No timber-like veneer, regardless of quality, can imitate this natural charm.


Wood is a material which enhances prestige of the building.

Wooden windows and good quality PVC windows are currently at comparable price level. Yet, it is the wood that gives the interior elegance and signify high quality of finishing.


Wooden windows are much safer

PVC windows are made of polyvinyl chloride, in which the chlorine content reaches 56%. In the case of fire, melting plastic windows release hazardous substances: hydrochloric acid and chlorinated hydrocarbons. These substances are highly corrosive, whereas gases released from burning PVC constitute a serious problem, due to their toxicity. Many chlorinated hydrocarbons are very dangerous compounds, used to make chemical weapon or insect poisons.


Burning wood does not emit such dangerous gases. Thanks to impregnation, wooden windows maintain their load carrying ability during a fire, until the panes crash, unlike PVC windows which melt.


Wood is close and friendly for humans

For centuries people have been using wood as building material. There is a reason why we go for a stroll in a park when we want to rest. Wood provides friendly microclimate, absorbing excessive humidity from the outside, and “giving it back” when necessary.



Contemporary wooden windows are completely different product than windows from several decades ago.

Throughout the existence of our company, the technology of making windows has changed significantly. Nowadays, we manufacture using state-of-the-art devices, which guarantee constant, high quality of joinery. Wood is protected against external factors with paint coatings, made using eco-friendly, water-soluble paints. Insulated glazing units fitted in the windows mean that they need not be disassembled before washing.



Wooden windows provide very good technical parameters.

Modern wooden joinery provides very good technical parameters. This is possible thanks to numerous solutions in the scope of construction, and the applied glazing units. Heat permeability for the entire window coming to Uw= 0,8 W/m2K, available in our company’s products, guarantees insulation level required in the most energy-efficient construction – passive.


Wood is truly eco-friendly material

Production of wood and preparing it for manufacture requires much less energy, than production of PVC, which means lower emission of pollutants and lower fuel consumption. Additionally, growing trees absorb massive amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Every cubic meter of trees requires one tin of carbon dioxide to grow. Wooden window can be almost 100% recycled. Wood can be used as fuel for heating, or as material for production of chipboards. After melting, glass and aluminium can be reused in production.


Even if it is not reused, wood will undergo natural biodegradation. PVC does not undergo natural decomposition. Once introduced into the environment, it will stay there forever. On the global scale, less than 1% PVC materials are recycled. One of the reasons behind such meagre recycling is high content of chlorine in PVC (56%), and of other additives used to make this material (e.g. petroleum). This makes the process expensive and time-consuming. This is why a PCV window which is no longer useful fills waste dumps, disappears in the sea, is burned or litters the landscape.



Wooden windows mean more flexibility and decor possibilities

Windows in untypical; shapes are usually made of wood, as it grants higher structural stiffness. Thanks to this, wooden windows in untypical shape can have virtually any dimensions, limited only by the size of glazing units available in the market, and fittings strength. This allows us to make, for example, arched balcony door.

One should remember that a window is a product which will be used for decades. Wooden window can be repainted many times, in order to match it to the current colour scheme of interiors and façade. This is undoable in the case of PVC windows. Moreover, in the case of damages or scratches, a wooden frame is easy to fix at low costs, while a damaged plastic windows stays damaged until it is replaced entirely.